Malaysia new design RM50 banknote

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Last week 15th July, Bank Negara Malaysia was issuing a new RM50 banknote. This new design of the banknote incorporates various modern and innovative security features that used for deterring counterfeiting.

This new design of RM50 banknote retains the predominant color of green-blue. This new RM50 banknote features Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, at the historic declaration of Malaya’s independence and the logo of the 50th Anniversary of independence on the reverse side.

New design of RM50 banknote

Bank Negara Malaysia:

“This new design of RM50 banknote is the first denomination of the 4th Series Malaysian currency banknotes, which will we replacing the existing series in stages”

According to the statements from Bank Negara Malaysia, these new design of RM50 banknotes have improved security features like,

1. The color shifting security thread – Which replaces the existing security and is embedded in the paper. The thread appears on the reverse side of the banknote as colored intermittent lines. When held against light, it is seen as continuous dark colored line and the repeated text of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) RM50 can be read. When the banknote is tilted, the color of the thread changes from red to green and vice verse. Under ultra-violet light the repeated text of BNM RM50 will fluoresce yellow and the thread is seen as a continuous fluorescent yellow line when the banknote is viewed from the obverse.

2. The two-colored fluorescent elements – Which is an addition invisible printed feature on the reverse of the banknote. Under ultra-violet light, a complex design two-color numeral 50 will fluoresce.

This is our current RM50 currency banknote.
Current design of RM50 banknote
The new RM50 banknote is not a permanent replacement of the previous RM50 banknote as this version of Malaysian RM50 banknote will continues to be legal tender.

This is RM50 SUKOM Malaysia Commemorative Banknote.
SUKOM design of RM50 banknote
It is not many people has been seen this banknote. It is the SUKOM ’98 RM50 banknote in commemoration of Kuala Lumpur’s 1998, the 16th Commonwealth Games. This RM50 banknote is the polymer banknote that issued in Malaysia.


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