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About a week ago, the initial design and the mockups for Firefox 3.7 has been released. Recently, Mozilla has just been released another mockups for the new design of how Firefox 4.0 conceivably might look. The Firefox 4.0 mockups show some similarity to the nearer-term Firefox 3.7 ideas.

Tabs on bottom mockup for Firefox 4.0
Tabs on bottom mockup for Firefox 4.0

Tabs on top mockup for Firefox 4.0
Tabs on top mockup for Firefox 4.0
This is the second Firefox 4.0 mockup that shows the browser tabs above the address bar. That is the same approach with the Google’s Chrome browser.

Pros for the Tabs on Tops concept.
1. Save vertical space.
2. Efficiency and remove visual complexity.
3. Shorter mouse distance to page controls.

Cons for the Tabs on Tops concept.
1. Breaks consistency and familiarity.
2. With the space removed from the title bar your only get the truncated version in the tab.
3. Longer mouse distance to tabs.
4. Lost space.

Green “Go” button
Green Go button
In this Firefox 4.0 mockups, it also shows a combination button (Combo stop/ refresh/ go) to the right of the address bar that changes behavior depending on what the browser is up to. The button can be used to start loading a page; to stop the loading progress or used to reload the loaded webpage.

Red “Stop” button and green page progress “Line”
Red Stop button and green page progress Line
When you are typing the at the address bar, the green “Go” button is shown; when you hit the “Go” button and the page loading is in the progress, the green “Go” button will turn to red “Stop” button at the same time the green line under the address bar is shown to indicate the progress of the page being loaded.

Once the webpage is loaded, the red “Close” button will turn to default “Refresh” button. If you hover the button, the color will turn to blue.

All of the changes and new design concept here are not final yet. They are just exploring different ideas for the upcoming releases of Firefox 4.0. Everyone are encouraged to give their comments and opinion for this new design concept of this latest version of Firefox 4.0.

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