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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 | In Foods & Beverages |

I have been working at west Malaysia about two and half years. The most exciting time would be during the Chinese new year, because only this period I can apply two weeks long holiday and back to my hometown at Kuching, Sarawak.

This year was the third year that I back to hometown for celebrating Chinese new year with my family, girl friend and all my best friends at Kuching. Like usual, I would try almost all the local foods such like “Bak kut teh”, Laksa, “Kolo mee” and local delight at Kuching because It is very hard to find these kind of foods at my working place (KL).

Alcohol drinks & beverages
During the Chinese new year, we were visiting to friends house and sometimes we just can not escape from having some alcohol such like beer, red wine and so on, especially when the house owner said “Once a year, Chinese new year, let’s try some alcohol”. Beverages photo above was taken when I was visited to my girl friend’s friend house.

Hometown favorite food ~ Laksa
One of my favorite food ~ Laksa. The best and delicious food at Kuching, Sarawak. It not only delicious but the price also cheap, where only RM3.50 per bowl with three prawns.

I really enjoy my holiday at Kuching, attended to three open houses, visited to several food stalls and restaurants with my family and my girl friend.


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