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After the launched of Apple iPhone 3G at Malaysia’s market few days ago, there is another news about AT&T will starts offering unlocked Apple iPhone 3G without any contract obligations starting from 26th March 2009, to enjoy this benefits, user need to be an existing AT&T customer with the 8 or 15 GB version of Apple iPhone. AT&T will also offer their customer to get an unlocked iPhone 3G totally commitment-free with no in-store activation needed, the only limits is one iPhone 3G per active line per customer.

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After some research on the iPhone, I can not deny, iPhone has the great design and development because iPhone is an Internet-connected multimedia smart phone with a flush multi touch screen and minimal hardware/ easy to use interface. This device does not have a physical keyboard, so a keyboard is replaced by the virtual keyboard on the touch screen. The big and high resolution display can be the best among the smart phone on the market; the web browsers are as good as you using the desktop browsers. Recently, A lot of the hot discussions on the device are very common to see at the forums around the Internet after the launched of Apple iPhone 3G at Malaysia market.

Where to buy iPhone at Malaysia? is selling the 16GB version of iPhone at price RM2,999 and the 8GB version at price RM2,899. It is all unlocked iPhone.

Compare to other countries.
NZ Vodafone selling NZD979 (RM2,005) and NZD1,129 (RM2,308) for the 8GB and 16GB version respectively whereas HK Apple Store selling HKD5,400 (RM2,437) and HKD6,200 (RM2,806) for the 8GB and 16GB version respectively.

Also the Optus iPhone costs AUD729 (RM1,820) and AUD849 (RM2,119) for the 8GB and 16GB respectively without unlocking costs if you do it six months after initial activation.

iPhone is late on Malaysia market due to several reasons that the iPhone is not able to satisfy users needs for some of the basic 3G requirements.

1. The built in 2.0 mega pixel camera without optical zoom, flash or auto-focus and it does not support video recording.

2. Wireless earpieces that use bluetooth technology to communicate with the iPhone are sold separately and they do not support stereo audio. Unlike many similar phones, the iPhone requires third party software to support voice recording.

3. In messaging features, it does not yet have the capabilities for delivery reports, multimedia messaging (MMS) or copy/ cut/ paste features. According to the news, the multi-recipient SMS was added in the 1.1.3 software update.

4. The iPhone only support voice dialing through third party applications and video calling is not supported at all. The idea of 3G capable iPhone without the video calling feature seems missed out some great components for the end users.

5. Non user replaceable battery. The Battery is built inside the case of the iPhone. Users can not switch the battery with another and required to send the iPhone to the Apple related store for replacement (if broken). Time (delay) and money (Extra expense) will be needed.

iPhone navigation
6. No turn by turn navigation from the iPhone map. Assume on the Global Positioning System (GSP) satellite navigation receiver into the iPhone, Apple has stopped short of offering voiced and turn by turn navigation into the device. You can plot directions from your current position to somewhere else and watch yourself as a little dot on the map but there is not arrow guide, estimated distance to next stop compare to Nokia brand.

Should buy an iPhone 3G and subscribe to Maxis’ plans?
iPhone users at Malaysia need to choose one of the plans offered by Maxis Communication. A 12 months contract will cost between RM100 to RM375. Your commitment ranges will be from RM1,200 to RM4,500 while data is not unlimited, and you are billed for every minute/ data (kb) once exceed the monthly usage. For example, plan of RM100 for 5 hours per month. If you subscribe to 24 months contract, nothing in the plan changes but your commitment level will become RM2,400 to RM9,000 over 2 years.

Advance deposit is required to ensure you are not break the contract in the middle of your subscription period. If you need more data, you have to pay some amount of RM99/ month. I think many people will need more data on surf Internet and because iPhone is not included the MMS feature, so most of the time users need to use the email.

Finally, I do not think Maxis is offering the great value packages/ plans with their questionable 3G data services and their customer service is not as good as Digi. I was customer of Maxis since many year ago before I switch to Digi – mobile phone service provider.

Above is some realistic points that I found at some articles and news about iPhone, Maxis’ plans and through this short survey on the iPhone, I will prefer N82 from Nokia rather than iPhone unless one day Digi is offering some value plan for iPhone users, then I will consider to get one iPhone and experience it.


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    maya ann arbor Says:

    This is a good article but i still think that the iphone is worth buying because it still has so many other good traits that are not mentioned. Most of the things that the iphone is missing will probably be included when they come out with a newer version since apple seems to always be working on improving it. I have an iphone and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality smart phone.

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