M&M’s world at Las Vegas

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M&Ms chocolate were first sold to the public in year 1941, packaged in cardboard tubes. In 1948, the packaging changed from a tube to the brown plastic pouch known today. The letter “m” is printed on each candy with vegetable dye. The M&Ms brand characters and the famous slogan “The milk chocolate melts in your month, not in your hand”.

In 2006, M&Ms offered eight new flavors of M&M’s via online sales, as well as at M&M’s world locations. The flavors are
1. All that razz
2. Eat, drink & be cherry
3. A Day at the peach
4. range-u-glad
5. Mint condition
6. AlmonDeeLiCious
7. Nut what you think
8. Cookie Minster
The first five have a white chocolate and milk chocolate center with a flavored shell. The two nut flavors have an almond or peanut center with white chocolate and candy shell. “Cookie Minster” has a crispy center with dark chocolate and a mint flavored shell.

M&M’s world is a store that specializes in everything from M&M’s candy to M&M’s clothing. The most famous location is in the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise that opened at year 1997. It is a four-story M&M’s world includes a gift shop on the first floor. The shop leads to a 3D movie theater and also on display are M&M’s in nearly every color. and a replica of the M&M’s race car that is driven in the NASCAR Sprint cup series. M&M’s clothing is sold on the second floor and on the stairs that go up to the second floor are pictures showing how the M&M characters have evolved over the years painted on the wall.

Below are some of the M&M’s world photos.
M&M's world 01

M&M's world 02

M&M's world 03

M&M's world 04

M&M's world 05

M&M's world 06

M&M's world 07

M&M's world 08

M&M's world 09

M&M's world 10

M&M's world 11

M&M's world 12

M&M's world 13

M&M's world 14

M&M's world 15

M&M's world 16

M&M’s also introduced another new product called “M&M’s Premium” in year 2008. They come in five flavors, which are chocolate almond, mint chocolate, mocha, raspberry almond and triple chocolate (milk, dark and white chocolate), which are sold in small upright cartons with a plastic bag inside. M&M’s Premiums do not have a candy shell but are coated with carnauba wax and color.


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