Ideum’s 100 inch multi touch table

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Ideum is a company that designs and creates interactive computer-based exhibits, rich Internet applications and social networking sites for museum and web visitors. Most of Ideum products are specially designed and engineered for high-tech exhibition centers, museums, nonprofits and socially responsible companies.

On 29th October 2009, the company has announced the installation of their 100 inch ultra wide screen multi touch table for a number of new technology-based exhibits at Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ideum's 100 inch multi touch table 01
This is an impressive and huge hardware device that boasting 86 viewable inches, a width 2,304 x 800 resolution of the screen display with 16 x 5 aspect ratio. The table itself can support up to 50 simultaneous touch points, the Flash-based software is tailored for learning applications.

Ideum's 100 inch multi touch table 02
The table is about 31 inch tall, it is comfortable for the users to explorer and learn about the Electromagnetic Spectrum in new ways. Users can move images across the table to see how they are imaged in each waveform and access information about what they are seeing.

The custom software that built on this device was based on Adobe’s Flash software and their own GestureWorkds framework, which allows Flash developers to develop their own custom multi touch applications. The tracking software was developed by Natural User Interface Technologies, which is a Swedish technology company that specializing in multi touch software.

Ideum’s 100 inch multi touch table support for the multi touch and multi user mash-up that enable users to explore Flickr photos placed on a Yahoo! Map; its multi touch enabled panoramic image viewer allows for pinch gesture to zoom in and out of a panoramic photograph. Custom 3D modeling of the area allows users to visually view from location to location. This table design is based on their commercially version of MT-50 multi touch table.

Information via ideum.


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