How to add Recycle Bin to My Computer

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There are lots of registry knowledge for the Microsoft Windows. Some of the common tips are adds Recycle Bin, Network Connections, Admin Tools or even the Search to the “My Computer” Window.

Add Recycle Bin to My Computer
~ Add Recycle Bin to My Computer ~

Once you know the registry values for the icons, then you are freely to add or remove any shortcuts at your windows as you like them to show or hide based on your favorite.

Although, users can manage those icons via the graphic user interface control panel, certain of the adding and removing works still need to be performed on the registry editor. The process flow by adding a single key to the registry for each icon you want to show on the “My Computer” Window is easy. For example adding a Recycle Bin to your “Desktop” or “My Computer” is easy.

1. Open up the Registry Editor by click the Start button; click on the run program; enter “regedit”.

2. Browse to the following key.

3. Followed by create a following new key if not exists.

4. You are successfully created a “Recycle Bin” shortcut icon in your “My Computer” window, this effect is instantly taken, you can press the “F5″ button at your “My Computer” window to the the effect.

To show or hide the “Search Result Folder”; “Recycle Bin” and so on,
1. you can browse the following key.

2. Add or remove the “Recycle Bin”, by add or remove the following key.

3. Add or remove the “Search Result Folder”, by add or remove the following key.

Above are some of the tips from Microsoft website. There are lots more tips to be discovered from their website. Have fun with those tips and discover how to put more shortcuts on your Microsoft Windows XP or Vista Interface.


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