Hong Kong Disneyland theme park (part 9)

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After visited to the Disney on Parade, we continued to visit Tomorrowland. There are lots of attractions at Tomorrowland, you can discover the thrill of space exploration as you ride through the dark in an exciting indoor roller coaster, battle aliens with Buzz Lightyear, interact with Stitch and more.

Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland was opened on 12 September, 2005. It features an emphasis on metallic trim with lots of blue and purple hues. Since the opening of the park, some unique attractions have been added such as a newer version of Autopia and Stitch Encounter.

Attractions List at Tomorrowland.
1. Autopia
2. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
3. Orbitron
4. Space Mountain
5. Stitch Encounter
6. UFO Zone

Restaurants List
1. Comet Cafe
2. Starliner Diner

Shops List
1. Space Traders
2. Star Command Suppliers

Tomorrowland’s entrance
Disneyland 77
Many people were taking photos along with the logo.

Orbitron Attraction
Disneyland 78
It looks like travel at the universe with all the planets around the space craft you ride.

Disneyland 79
I was riding the space craft. Become a rocket jockey when you pilot your own space craft above the Tomorrowland. You can take firm control over your own destiny as this spinning rocket ride explores the cosmos in Jules Verne-inspired design.

Space Mountain
Disneyland 80
Rocket at warp speed to synchronized music and sound effects on this one-of-a-kind indoor roller-coaster. It launch into the inky blackness of the nether reaches of space. It was the exciting indoor attraction because it was known for its exhilarating hairpin turns, quick dips, high tech sound and special effects. This space journey takes you past shooting stars, careening comets and into the future.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster
You can team up with Buzz Lightyear and spin your Star Cruisers 360 degrees while you fire hand-held laser cannons. Blast enemy targets and amass points. Compare your high score with other Space Rangers or go for a personal best. Climb up the Space Ranger ranks as your scores soar to astronomical heights each time you play.

Stitch Encounter
Enter Space Traffic Control for a close encounter with the galacy’s most mischievous little alien ~ Stitch. When Stitch takes over this tour of the stars, you just know things are going to get wild. It is Comedy, action and adventure on this interactive escapade and Stitch might even teach you a little Hawaiian.

Start your engines and get ready for the ride of your life. This game is suitable for kids of all ages. Take a drive along the futuristic streets, crazy corners and dazzling dips all from the driver’s seat of your own space-age automobile. The minimum height for the driver is 137cm and minimum height for the passenger is 81cm.

UFO Zone
Get really to get wet and wild as you dodge water ray guns, splash your way through a UFO crash site and even witness alien plants spring to life in this extraterrestrial aquatic adventure.

Street Entertainment
In the streets of tomorrow, anything can happen as the trashes can talk, Janitors can suddenly break out into a beat-keeping, rhythm-busting, fun-for-all musical extravaganza. It is a futuristic world of endless entertainment.

Starliner Diner
Disneyland 81
It is the restaurant located in the Tomorrowland. You can find the American-style fast food with salads; burgers; fried chicken and desserts in the Starliner Diner restaurant.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Disneyland 82
The night view of the Hong Kong Disneyland Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


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