Hong Kong Disneyland theme park (part 6)

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Continue from previous post there are more photos at the Fantasyland ~ “it’s a small world”. The boat ride attraction containing a colorful cast of international dolls singing the famous theme song “it’s a small world (after all)”. This attraction deliver the message of celebrate all the peoples and cultures of the world, people and societies all coming together in global harmony.

The song is sung in Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Tagalog languages which are unique to Hong Kong version of Disneyland. In the finale room, the song is sung in three languages which are Cantonese, English and Mandarin. According to the news, this attraction is the largest indoor ride at Hong Kong Disneyland and the location of the ride is just beyond the Disney Railroad and next to The Golden Mickeys attraction.

Disneyland 49
In the African region, we can see the Simba, Pumbaa and other characters from The Lion King that surrounded by wild vegetation, animals and native singers and dancers.

Disneyland 50
In the North and South America region showcase grooving penguins from Chile and performing native children and animals from Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. We can also see the beautiful Pocahontas singing on a mountain top.

Disneyland 51
Next to the Middle East region, which combines all the countries in the area. Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and even the fictional kingdom of Agrabah from the movie Aladdin can be found in this room. Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Abu and the Genie along with the Cleopatra and her veiled dancers, sing and dance with the traditional Arabic music played.

Disneyland 52
The colorful Asia region has been expanded and is now the largest of the attractions. Above is Japan at Asia region.

Disneyland 53
In Asia region, it is filled with Chinese elements from acrobats and dancing lions to lanterns and the Great Wall of China. Above is the India at Asia region.

Disneyland 54
At Asia region, we can see Mulan is there flying a kite that looks like Mushu the dragon. Besides these, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the Philippines are also included in this section.

The Golden Mickeys
After visited “it’s a small world”, we went to The Golden Mickeys‘ attraction. In this attraction Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto characters will present themselves on the stage and having a show to their fans and audiences.

Disneyland 55
Inside the hall, it just like a big stadium or cinema. A lots of people were looking for the best beat to enjoy the show. All of the songs are sang in English, the show begins with a performance of the title song including a dance performance and the show also includes aerial acrobatics, martial arts, puppetry and fireworks.

Disneyland 56
Basically, The Golden Mickeys is a musical revue-style stage show presented in the style of an awards ceremony with characters from Disney films being nominated for awards including heroism and romance. Above photo was taken during the show and happy success ending of the show.


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    someone Says:

    That’s pretty cool. :)

    What I noticed is someone wrote down that Jessie from toy story is Woody’s girlfriend. That’s not true because in Toy Story Lil Bo Peep is his girlfriend. Buzz and Jessie start their own thing at the end of the second movie and during the opening intro for the buzz lightyear movie. Jessie is more like a little sister to Woody. :)

    Don’t know why just felt like pointing that out. ;;^_^

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