Hong Kong Disneyland theme park (part 5)

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After visited to the Adventureland, we had proceeded to the Fantasyland ~ “it’s a small world”. The most attraction on the Fantasyland will be the boat canal that ride around the small world about 14 minutes.

It’s a small world is a popular attraction at several Walt Disney theme parks around the world such like Disneyland in California; the Magic Kingdom in Florida; Tokyo Disneyland; Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. The boat canal is the best boat ride features with a multitude of audio-animatronic figures in the style of children of the world frolicking in a spirit of international unity and singing the ride’s title track, which has a theme of global peace.

There are 11 scenes in Hong Kong version.
1. Welcome.
2. North Pole.
3. Europe.
4. Middle East.
5. Africa.
6. America.
7. Asia.
8. Islands.
9. Rain-forest.
10. Finale.
11. Goodbye.

Disneyland 39
Before we were entering to the small world, this was the big plate with the phase “it’s a small world”. It was very attractive and many people were taking photos there before enter to the castle. A pair of doors at the base of the clock tower swing open and wooden dolls representing different cultures parade out of the clock through it and the song “It’s a small world” is played.

Disneyland 40
The outer of the building presents stylized cutout turrets, towers and minarets vaguely reminiscent of the world landmarks such like Eiffel tower and the Leaning tower of Pisa, it really look like a castle if you view it from the far distance. Beside these, there has three dimensional clock with a happy face that swing back and forth.

Disneyland 41
A very beautiful garden, with rocks, flowers, small tree were make the environment fresh and great. This photo was taken on the bridge that entering to this castle.

Disneyland 42
This is the boat canal that ride around the small world in this castle, and there are carry about 20 riders at single boat to visit the regions of the world in separate rooms. The boats travel through a tunnel into the show building/ room with slow movement.

Disneyland 43
This portion of the ride features animatronic dolls in national costumes singing the title song in numerous languages. This was the photo taken when we were really to travel and all of us were sit properly on the boat. The felt excited and fun at the time when the boat is really to travel from the starting point.

Disneyland 44
The Hello room greets the guests to the attraction, showing different cultural greetings from around the world.

Disneyland 45
There were lots of rooms and each room represents a specific regions on the world. Each room also has different dolls with different dresses represent to the guests.

Disneyland 46
We just sit on the boat to see all the regions on the world, people were taking photos at very room, very region. It was very interesting and impressive scene.

Disneyland 47
The building were exactly the same with the regions’ cultures. There song were played based on the related scenes and regions.

Disneyland 48
Above photos are just the major regions, there are more than that regions when we travel 14 minutes on the boat.

Some great scenes at the small world are,
1. The Arctic/ North pole region, with dolls representing a great dance and sang the Swedish song in-front of our boat.

2. Europe region, there were playing the English song with a Cockney accent and Italian as well as having a yodeler in the section representing Switzerland.

3. Asia region, with the Japanese song played and all the Asia cultures were shown by the dolls with traditional uniforms and movement.

4. Africa region, with the rhythm of the song marked with drums and the song were sang in English.

5. South America region, with the Spanish song played.

6. North America region, with the dolls representing the United States in a farmland scene and a western scene. This room were playing the English song.

7. South Seas region, with the song sung in an underwater gurgling sound by the mermaids in the first section of the room, a rain-forest scene with native drummers and a Polynesian steel-drum version of the song throughout the rest of the room.

8. The Finale region, with representatives from all the cultures of the world dressed in white versions of the native costumes and singing in English.


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