Hong Kong Disneyland theme park (part 3)

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One main attractive area at Hong Kong Disneyland is Adventureland, it is the largest Adventureland of all the Magic kingdom parks around the world. It is also themed to resemble the remote jungles in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, desert islands, South America and the South Pacific region.

The Attractions at Adventureland are
1. Jungle River Cruise
2. Tarzan’s treehouse.
3. Liki Tikis.
4. Demon Jungle. (Open at 26 September 2008)
5. Adventureland haunted trail. (Open at 26 September 2008)

The restaurants and bar are
1. River view cafe.
2. Tahitian terrace.

Shopping store for shopping and visiting
1. Professor porter’s trading post.

More photos I was taken from the adventureland.

Disneyland 20
The entrance the the Adventureland. When we was visit to the Tarza’s Island and had a tour with river cruise, we can see the mechanical animals at around along river such like elephants, crocodiles, and all wild animals there, all look like the real animals.

Disneyland 21
The great scenes of the waterfall at Adventureland. This was the photo I taken when cross the bridge.

Professor Porter’s trading post
The only shopping store I saw at Adventureland, I just had a short visit to the shop. This professor porter’s trading post store was named after Jane’s father from the Disney animated film Tarzan.

Disneyland 22
One of the restaurant at Adventureland that serve all type of foods, such like stream, fried, rice, noodle, soup, BBQ, family dishes and variety of selection. The price is quite expensive, start from 45 ~ 50 Hong Kong dollar (About RM25) per dish.

Disneyland 23
The entrance to the Festival Lion King @ Tarzan shows. There are only a few show per day. Every show is about half a hour to 45 minutes long. The shows are based on the story of the Tarzan and the Lion king.

Disneyland 26
Here was the show, and I was managed to take few photos and video clip of the shows although audiences and visitors are not allowed to take photos during the show.

Disneyland 27

The show presented inside an enclosed theater in Camp Minnie Mickey. All the visitors and guests were sit in four sections, and each designated with an animal name which are Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe and Lion.

The shows quite attractive, there are lot of people visiting the shows. Below are the two video clips of Festival of the Lion King shows.

Festival of the Lion King Show 1.

Festival of the Lion King show 2.


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