Hong Kong Disneyland theme park (Part 2)

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A route trip to visit the Disneyland at Hong Kong, there are lot of buildings, shops, band performances along the street. In this Hong Kong Disneyland, it is the only park where verdant hills complement the castle, and those misty mountains in the near distance give a feeling of permanence for all the visitors.

Disneyland 11
Visitors and guests with special request such like wheelchair rental or visitor with small kids can rent for the strollers, or other special assistance can also go to the Disneyland Fire department on the town square, which is located near the entrance of the gate.

Disneyland 12
A group of people having the band performance along the Main Street USA, in front the big Christmas tree. Anyone are welcomed to take photos with them.

Disneyland 13
This photo was taken from one of the shop at the Main Street USA, they are selling the Mickey mouse related products, souvenirs, stationary and more. The price of the products are very expensive but lot of people buying there.

Disneyland 14
The cake house, which were serving variety of cakes and cookies, any favor, shape and colorful of cakes can be found from those cake houses.

Disneyland 15
This was the high class plaza inn restaurant. During the lunch time, there were lot of people queue up and waiting for the seat to have dine at this restaurant.

Disneyland 16
This was the Mickey mouse and friends’ performance stage. Before the performance, people were finding the best place to sit for the performance and taking the best and beautiful photos of the Mickey mouse and friends along with the big castle as the background image.

Disneyland 17
The performance took about 30 to 40 minutes long. Along the Main Street USA, we can see Mickey mouse; Minnie mouse; Goofy; Pluto; Donald duck; Daisy duck and chip ‘n dale. The staffs were wearing these characters costumes and present themselves in front the audience for photos taking and entertain with the kids.

Disneyland 18
Here the Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse came to the stage. A attractive scenes with the great background music playing.

Disneyland 19
Before the ending of the performance, all the performers were presented themselves together in front the audiences, they sang, dance, and joyful on the stage. All the audiences were busy on photo taking and video recording this amazing performance.


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