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In the Hong Kong Disneyland, there are some excellent places to visit. Below are the summery of those great places.

1. The Festival of the Lion King, excellent live show that plays at animal kingdom in Orlando, this is located at the Adventureland.

2. Tarzan’s Tree House, Tarzan’s Island and long rafts to Tarzan’s island, this is also located at the Adventureland.

3. Fastpass is part of the picture at Hong Kong Disneyland and is available for the live shows as well as popular rides.

4. Traditionalists will be glad to see the Jungle Cruise; those who takes this ride will be happy to know the Hong Kong version of the new adventure. Skippers conduct live commentary in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and visitors can choose the language their understand before on board for the adventure.

5. Fantasyland has Sleeping Beauty’s castle; and those famous cartoon characters such like Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo the flying elephant, Mad hatter tea cups and so on.

6. In the Fantasyland, there are Fantasy gardens, where characters meet and greet; show white Grotton and a live show; The golden mickeys, which is familiar to Disney cruisers (A glitzy production that pays tribute to top Disney films).

7. Tomorrowland is the place that consists of Buzz light year astro blaster and space mountain and Orbitron (A rocket ride).

8. In the night time, you also can see the beautiful light around you.

HK Disneyland resort
Hong Kong, Disneyland resort. This was the entrance to the great fun place — Disneyland.

Disneyland 1
Once entered to the Disneyland, there is a big pool and Mickey mouse and friends’ statues were inside the pool. It was a beautiful of scene.

Disneyland 2
After few minutes walk, there was a ticket selling area, just in front the Mickey mouse garden.

Disneyland 3
Our first starting point to visit Disneyland was at here. “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy“.

Disneyland 4
After that, there was another big street, quite lot of people and many shops around that area.

Disneyland 5
A big Christmas tree in the middle of the street, because that day was 22nd of December, so many Christmas decoration and Christmas stuff selling at most of the shops.

Disneyland 6
A lot of kids like Mickey mouse and friends, many people were quite up to take photo with their favorite cartoon characters. Some even asked for the signature. Haha.

Disneyland 7
A really big Christmas tree, it was taller than the building.

Disneyland 8
This is the long street to the Castle. A nice view of the natural and fun place inside the Disneyland.

Disneyland 9
The double decker from the Main street transportation co. It was not functioning but people like to take photos with the double decker.

Disneyland 10
This is the Main Street. One of the famous building in the Disneyland, but running out of time to visit this place.


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