Holidays at Genting Highland and KL

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Just back from my four days short holidays at Genting Highland and KL city. It was also the school mid-year break holiday, so there were many families bringing their kids vocation to Genting and the KL city.

In this short trip, I was joining my best friends came from Kuching. We went to Genting at last Friday night until the next day afternoon before spending another three days at KL city. Last Friday was the first time I visited to Genting Highland for this year 2009, since eight months ago. Nothing changes and only this time we were visit to more places at Genting such like the Safari disco, participate more games at the outdoor theme park.

Genting Safari Disco
Genting Safari Disco
Step into the disco and you will feel that as you are in exotic Africa. You will be entertained by the in-house DJ’s with the latest selection tunes and listen to the exciting live band performing on the center stage.

You can also have a free-style dancing and disco at the center beside the stage, follow the exciting music. We were having four Carlsberg beers buckets (5 Bottles each bucket) for 6 persons. Each bucket is about RM70, the bottom price.

The next day before check out the room, we were visiting to the outdoor theme park, while. Due to school holiday, the ticket price for the outdoor theme park was slightly increased to RM44.

Genting First World Hotel and Plaza
Genting First World
Is is also the entrance to the outdoor theme park.

Map for the Genting Frontier Land
Genting Frontier Land Map

Genting Highland, Bumper Boat
Genting Bumper Boat 1

Genting Bumper Boat 2
The boats were installed with engine and the speed were not fast. It is fun to control the fast to crash others boats.

Genting Highland, Archery Range
Genting Archery Range

Genting Highland, Chocolate Wonderland
Genting Chocolate Wonderland 1

Genting Chocolate Wonderland 2

Genting Highland, Crazy Space
Genting Crazy Space 1

Genting Crazy Space 2

Genting Highland, Dinosaurland
Genting Dinosaurland

Genting Highland, Fishes Pool
Genting Fishes Pool

Genting Highland, Water Fall
Genting Water Fall

Genting Highland, London Bus Display
Genting London Bus 1

Genting London Bus 2

Genting Highland, Free Shuttle Services
Genting Free Shuttle Services
Finally, we were taking the free shuttle from the First world hotel to the Highlands Hotel then proceed to the cable car station and going to KL.

Bird Park exhibition at Ikano Power Centre
Bird Park Showcase at Ikano Power Center
We also visited to the Ikano Power Centre. During that time, there was a Birk Park exhibition and there were many kinds of birds in this exhibition such like parrot, owl, eagle. It was really fun to take photos with the birds as seem your were in the jungle.

Times Square Game
Time Square Game
The huge size of the monopoly game at the Times square.


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    Genting Highland is very famous as a center of tourist attraction in Malaysia. No wonder many tourists visit to Genting Highland, because there has many interesting tourist attraction and deserves to be seen.

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