Google plus WolframAlpha equal Goofram

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Google search engine is one of the most popular tool and it is the most used search engine on the web. It has the algorithm that uses a patented system called as “PageRank” to help on the web pages ranking every time a search query has been executed. In addition to “PageRank”, Google also uses other secret methods for determining the ranking of pages on result list.

WolframAlpha is kind of the search tool, but it is not the search engine. Instead it is a computational knowledge engine that generates output by doing computation from its own internal knowledge base rather than searching the web and return the results list.

In WolframAlpha search, you can ask any kind of systematic factual knowledge, and it is only deals with facts on their result but not opinions. According to the news from their website, WolframAlpha claimed they are more emphasize on computation and mathematics areas.

Now there is a Goofram. It is a website that use Google custom search engine plus the wolframAlpha computational knowledge engine to search the query string side by side on their result list.

This gives the users to search a single query string derived from both search and computational knowledge engine at the same time.

For all the Firefox users, they can install a Goofram add-on that helps to automatically bring the Google searches back to Goofram. It is fun to play around with the WolframAlpha and Goofram.


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