Google Web Toolkit now with Google Speed Tracer and more

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Recently, Google showcased a few number of new technologies to its Web Toolkit. The new technologies are include a new Speed Tracer tool (Google Chrome extension) to help developers speed up their web applications; a code splitting tool that helps web developers to deploy applications as incremental downloads; and UiBinder, which is a UI framework that allows developers to separate the logic presentation of their application from the presentation portion.

Google Web Toolkit: Speed Tracer
Google Speed Tracer is a new extension for Google Chrome that designed to help web developers recognize the slow areas in their applications and aims to track the web browsing performance to make the applications fast. It works on all platforms (Windows and Linux) where the extensions are supported. It displays the performance with the visualizes metrics in a standard “Sluggishness Graph”.  Speed Tracer analyzes the web application as they are running.

Speed Tracer also gives a better picture of where time is being spent in your application. Monitor that JavaScript parsing and execution, CSS style and layout, DOM event handling, network resource loading, timer fires, XMLHttpRequest callbacks, painting and so on.

The second tool is the CodeSplitting. It helps to split code into chunks and only initially server the portions users needed to prevent heavy load of the web application sites. For example, when you access to the Google Wave and the browsing speed with significantly drop because of heavy JavaScript application used on the site, so CodeSplitting will instruct the browser to only download the portion of the app it needs and run the most basic functions. if you try to click on other section like Settings menu, the CodeSplitting will quickly fetch that section once you have clicked the Settings button.

The third tool is the UiBinder, which as a declarative user interface that allows developers to bind a layout template and associate it with a Java file, without having to merge the two. By using UiBinder, developers can keep the two separate files and layouts can be adjusted without having to rewrite any code.


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