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On 16th December 2009, Google had launched a new web service ~ Google Browser Size and it had been added to its collection of Labs tools. Google Browser Size helps the web developers to analysis and visualize the browser windows sizes that visitors might used to visit their websites.

Google's Browser Size web service 01
Different people has different preferences and settings on their browser windows, so as a webmaster, it is hard to ensure how well their website is going to be displayed on visitors browser windows. This is not only related to the screen resolution but also identify the popularity of people’s browser windows sizes.

Example of alert message
Google's Browser Size web service 02
This service allows the website owners or webmasters to test their website by type in the URL and it will display a transparent layer of information on the top of the website that has been visualizing how much of the website visitors see without having to scroll.

The percentages on the screen with various colors are used to differentiate the different groups of visitors. For example, a 90% rating means 90% of the visitors of the website have their browser windows open to approximately that size or larger. Webmasters might benefit with this information, they can aid to optimizing their website and to increase exposure of their website to visitors.

How it works,

1. You can change the opacity of the overlay by clicking the gray boxes next to the word “Opacity”.
2. You will see a transparent rectangle following the mouse pointer. This feature allows you to interact normally with the page you are examining.
3. The sizes represented in the contour are client area size, this means they represent the size of the browser without the title bar, toolbar, status bars and so on.
4. You can obtain more accurate result by reducing the browser width to a percentage column such like 90% and and seeing what content falls below the 90% horizontal line.

Google Browser Size can render several weeks’ worth of the page visitor browser sizes in a contour visualization, so now webmaster can analysis how large people’s browser windows when they are visiting to their webpage.

The analysis result is generated based on the browser size of the visitors, who visit to

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