Google-G0 Android Smartphone Concept

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 | In Phones & Mobile Apps |

A new Android smart-phone concept called as “Google-G0″ has been introduced by at Taiwanese designer. This smart-phone is featured with its slider and touchscreen, the speakers and microphone are positioned on the back. Slides to reveal a camera and four customizable smart keys for quick access to web browsing; email; application and more, these quick access keys are very easy to reach and convenient for users to perform any task. It probably makes use of the touchscreen keypad to replace the physical keyboard as other smart-phones.

This latest Android smart-phone concept managed to get many attention because of its stylish new design with highly fashionable sliding; touchscreen display; a bunch of buttons and wireless charging cradle that absolutely perfect.

Below are the Google-G0 Android smart-phone photos.
Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 01

The concept of Google-G0 Android smart-phone concept.
Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 02

Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 07

Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 08
The front, back and the side interface.

Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 03
Its is portable and perfect graphic user interface.

Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 04
Four customizable smart keys for quick access.

Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 05
Charging your phone with the unique charger.

Google-G0 Android smartphone photos 06
Apparently, when you plug it into the charger and an image of a dock make it look like it allows you to see your smartphone in the bigger screen on the panel.

This smart-phone concept comes with media, and it let you watch TV on your smart-phone or use it as the remote. Beside these, the design is quite likable and seems fairly realistic. Probably the functionality; usability and user friendliness are most the end users expected for.


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