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Since first of July 2009, Gmail has improved some of its features to make the system more user friendly, easy to use and navigate. This time Gmail was making some changes to its labeling toolkit. Gmail has moved those label names to higher place, drag and drop labeling aims to make Gmail’s labels more likely as you are dropping your file to a folder on your desktop.

1. New location of the custom labels
Gmail Label
Users’ custom created label are now placing higher up on the left hand sidebar, just below the Gmail default labels. Now labels are easier to reach without scrolling the webpage.

2. Show and hide labels
Show and Hide Menu
Gmail’s users now have the control over which of their labels to show or hide. It can now automatically showing the labels that you use most of the time and hiding others. In order to reach any of the old labels, just click on the “more” hyperlink. This change has give some convenient to the Gmail’s users, now they not need to create the funny label name like “_todo” or “-important” to force the most-used labels to the top of the list.

3. Drag and Drop
Drag message to label
The most impressive new feature has been introduced like the Gmail’s users now can drag any message(s) and drop the message(s) into label. This does the same action like “Move to” option, but it make you more comfortable to perform the moving from one label to another. Move multiple message just select those message before drag them to another label.

Drag label to message
You can also drag label onto message just like you are labeling the messages. It is also possible to drag labels into the “more” menu to hide them and vice verse. More information at Gmail’s official weblog.

I most likely using Gmail, because of user friendly and the speed when opening a message. Now Gmail has make everything be more organized. The storage for the Gmail is keep increasing, now is about 7.3 GB, so you will not need to delete your messages anymore to prevent full of your mailbox.


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