FINDmyTime satellite technology concept

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The new FINDmyTime device is a project that merge the wireless and satellite technologies, mobile phones, PCs and GPSs into a single device to give the users to access a great quantity of data, useful and interesting information at the same time. It gives a group of people, associations a new way to communicate.

FINDmyTime satellite technology concept 1

FINDmyTime satellite technology concept 2

There are two functions for this concept, which are INFOsender and INFOpocket.
1. INFOsender is the digital device that designed for cultural centers, museums or people communities. They can help to improve the visibility and the exposure of any locale via wireless information such like opening hours, events, contacts and the exact GPS coordinates.

FINDmyTime satellite technology concept 3
2. INFOpocket is a small, easy to carry and versatile device that can receive wireless information sent by the INFOsender. It can accept the signal up to 10 km in range and can synchronize and download the data information via USB from other devices such like PCs, laptops or even the smart-phones.


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