Filter your Facebook’s Friends updates

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Facebook is the most popular social networking media site that everyone know and even surf on daily basis. You can do a lot of things at Facebook other than make friends from this social website.

Filter Facebook's Friends updates
~ Filter Facebook’s Friends updates ~

Every time when you signed in to your Facebook account, you will notice there are a list of update from all of your approved friends on your Facebook’s homepage. This can be solved by using the hide feature to hide the selected friends or applications that you are not longer want to see them.

Rather than hide it, now Facebook also allows you to create a friends list and filter their updates to be displayed on your Facebook wall. You can select some of your close friends or relative in a “Filter List”, save the filter and then you are successfully filter out those friends’ update you do not want to see at your Facebook wall.

There are eight simple steps on creating this filter.
1. At Facebook home page, click on the “+Create” link under the News Feed at your left navigation bar.

2. Enter the filter name for the new list.

3. Search for your close friends or relative name in the search dialogue box.

4. Or highlight your close friends in the friends list.

5. Once you have done the friends selection, the proceed to “Create List” button.

6. A new list will now show on your Facebook home page above the “+Create” link.

7. Now, you Facebook wall will only show the updates from your close friends and relative that your have selected them in the Filter.

8. You can drag this filter anywhere on your Facebook’s left navigation bar. You can also anytime to delete the filter you created before.

To get more information about the filter and step by step graphical guide, you can visit to business insider.


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