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Facebook is the most popular site where users interact through a constantly evolving set of networks based on the friendships, interest groups, favorite movies, participate the same events and other criteria. It is fun that playing around with social networking sites, you can keep in touch with all your friends, participate on events that organized by your friends, join the groups in the social networking sites.

Facebook is one of the social networking site that I frequently browse to. The interesting parts for the Facebook is not only the communication bridge between me and my friends; play around with their third party applications, but there are lots of things to be discovered.

If you are the Firefox users, you are probably can do lots of thing with Userscripts on your Facebook account. Since the Userscripts are run via Greasemonkey, so in order to apply the Userscripts to your Firefox browser, firstly you must install the Greasemonkey add-on application. After the installation and restarted your Firefox browser, you are now ready to install the Userscripts.

1. Remove all Facebook ads
You probably want you Facebook to load faster, especially for those users that using the dial up connection. Facebook users now can removes all the advertisements from their Facebook accounts. This script will remove the Facebook advertisements upon the DOM insertion rather than waiting for the DOM to load the advertisements before removing them. Users can browse the Facebook around without the annoying advertisements that keep appear on the right column every time surfing to another webpage.
Remove all Facebook ads 01
Before running the script.

Remove all Facebook ads 02
And after running the script.

2. Facebook friends checker
This is the interesting script that used to check your Facebook friends whether anyone has removed you from their friends list. This script detects anyone of your friends no longer as your friends, a message will show and inform you about whom were your no longer friends a your Facebook. A link will be giving to their profile page.

This script will checks your friends status once per hour by default. users can adjust the checking time by go to “Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User script commands” and set the time interval to check for removed friends.
Remove all Facebook ads 02

3. Facebook theme of Iron man
A Iron man themes at the Facebook background. It is suitable for the Iron man fans.

Remove all Facebook ads 02

4. Facebook Online Logger
You can log out from Facebook Chat and you still can see who is online. It updates every 60 seconds. You can also Show or Hide each of the options using Greasemonkey’s user script commands.

If you want to know who has been online, then you can check it by open your Firefox browser. Enter about:config and filter for “Facebook Online Logger”. You now will see a list of your friends’ names, the time they online and the last updated time.
Remove all Facebook ads 02

5. No Facebook Apps
Remove all the Facebook application from all profiles.

6. Facebook Highlight Birthdays
Highlights today’s birthdays on your Facebook home page. So you will never forget your friends birthdays with this little helpful script.

There are much more useful scripts at Userscripts. You may find the suitable scripts to enhance your preferences at your Facebook account, make it comfortable while browsing and chatting at Facebook.


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