Ergon, innovative two way door

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Ergon is a door manufacturing company that has been manufactured, supplied and fitting a large range of doors for the past 20 years. One of their most innovative creation is the Ergon two ways door, this innovative door mounting system allows the door to be opened in both directions by simply push the door.

Sometimes space in a house, office or apartment is the most considerable factor for you to fit your house’s accessories and decoration. Even a single square meter of area can make a huge difference, so this is the reason of this cool innovative doors systems has been invented for space convenience as well as ultra modern sense because the doors allow for both rotatory motion when pushed and it can spinning around the central axis that saving up 50% of space.

Ergon two way door 1
Ergon door, opened from the outside.

Ergon two way door 2
Ergon door, opened from the inside.

Ergon two way door 3
Ergon door, open the door in 90 Degree.

Ergon two way door 4
The blueprint of the door design.

These doors are so much fun and look creative in the sense of design and flexible to manage your house inner furnitures placement.


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