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Speakers and sound system are considered as the sound reinforcement system that used to amplifying audio and improving your musics tunes from time to time. A typical sound reinforcement system consists of three primary parts. Input transducer, which convert sound energy into an audio signal; signal processors, which alter the audio signal characteristics; output transducers, which convert the electrical audio signal into sound energy. These are the primary parts that involve varying amounts of individual components to achieve the desired goal of reinforcing and clarifying the sound to the audience, performers and other individuals.

Below are some unique collection of creative speakers and sound system from various website, they not only perform the great speakers and sound system but also focus on the design and layout to ensure you have a great musics entertainment at all the time.

360 Degree Speaker Concept
360 Degree Speaker Concept. A true object-based surround experience. The speaker cones are internally attached to spider-like structure which is invisible from the outside. ~ pietermaes.

500XL Speakers
500XL Speakers. As big as the normal speakers, and these speakers are 500 time the size of the original iPod ear buds.

Apple Shaped Speakers
Apple Shaped Speakers. Creative apple shaped digital USB Laptop speakers. They are portable with color in red and green.

BeoLab 4 Speakers
BeoLab 4 Speakers. It is perfect for PC speaker applications as well as smaller rooms decoration. It is the most compact speaker model with the classic pyramid design with various colors available and placement options. ~ centerofmoderndesign.

Boom Box Speakers
Boom Box Speakers. Complete with real fully working and amplified speakers, “Fold it yourself” mini Boom Box Stereo for your iPod or other MP3 player.

Ceramic Paper Speakers
Ceramic Paper Speakers. This paper ceramic loudspeakers made from discarded musical scores and clay. The ceramic columns amplify sound from your strategically placed ear buds to broadcast music like regular speaker would. ~ treehugger.

Dutch Dead Bbudd Speaker System
Dutch Dead Bbudd Speaker System. A cartoon like of speaker system, and the speakers are embedded into his feet, pumping out the tunes as he sits on your desk.

Egg Speakers
Egg Speakers. A creative egg-shaped speakers allow you to wobble them like a weeble while you listen to your musics. They are come in black and red in color, twist open to produce enhanced bass output. ~ technabob.

iH15W Color Changing Stereo System
iH15W Color Changing Stereo System. The two reson8 speakers and a passive sub-woofer provide enhanced audio sound and give life to every song. You can select your favorite color or let the color cycle set the scene. This unique cube of beautiful color and sound will illuminate your music and complement your mood. ~ ihomeaudio.

iH85B iPod Speaker
iH85B iPod Speaker. It is a water-resistant iPod speaker that connects to your bike’s frame. Handlebar mounted remote control allows for safe cycling while listening to your musics.

Modal Speakers
Modal Speakers. It able to deliver ambient sound due to the vertical sound emission.

Munny Speakers
Munny Speakers. Give your speaker extra personality. This is the union of doll and speakers.

Pea Speaker Concept
Pea Speaker Concept. The pea speaker system is bound to be costly, incurring damages from being tossed around, but that is what the designer want, a playful way to share music. Each pod holds seven wireless blue-tooth speakers.

Reppo II Boombox Backpack
Reppo II Boombox Backpack. It is a hard shell boombox backpack with integrated speakers and high quality digital amplifier. Just plug in any audio source, strap the whole thing on your back and share your your favorite musics with your friends on the go. ~ toxel.

Rithm Speakers
Rithm Speakers. It combines top quality sound with a parabolic work of art.

Sonicum Speaker System
Sonicum Speaker System. It is a 3-piece speaker sub-woofer set and it can be connected to the line-in port of any audio source such like a CD player, a computer or a synthesizer.

Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player
Sony Rolley Sound Entertainment Player. Despite its small size and light weight, Rolly product surprisingly clear sound. With 180 degree horizontal opposed stereo speakers, listeners can enjoy high sound quality from nearly any where.

Speaker Buddies
Speaker Buddies. They are designed to work in pairs. They can be placed in any environment and as they are lightweight they can be moved with little effort.

Speech Bubble Speak-er
Speech Bubble Speaker. It is a high-quality multiple speakers that plug directly into your computer or MP3 player. This set includes a left and right speaker and power adapter. ~ thinkofthe.

Turntable Speaker Mixer
Turntable Speaker Mixer. Tiny turntable- style speaker allow you to do not only amplify your music, but also let you scratch as well such like add fun pre-programmed sound effects to your jams.

USB Hub Card Reader Speakers
USB Hub Card Reader Speakers. It is multifunction at its best of a 3-1 USB hub, card reader and egg shaped speakers.

Waterproof iPod Speakers
Waterproof iPod Speakers. It has come up with a waterproof speaker system for iPod that looks like a tube of shower gel. It was designed by Nova, the Taiwanese design company.

Wireless Freewheeler Speaker
Wireless Freewheeler Speaker. Just simply plug in your audio source into the included transmitter and roll free-wheeler around your house, it will play your music remotely.

X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker
A-mini iHome Capsule Speaker. Open the capsule and extend the speaker, this opens the resonance chamber and increases bass response. At full charge, the speaker can run for nearly 8 hours.

Zeppelin iPod Speaker System
Zeppelin iPod Speaker System. It is an integrated iPod speaker system from Bowers and Wilkins, the makers of the speakers that much of the music on your iPod will have been made using.


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