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Discover the humor of Cartoon Comics and the best part of Comics reading is to restore your tiredness on works and entertain yourself on your leisure time.

Some of the popular Comics such like A simple thinking of blood type that originated from The cartoon are depicting how each blood type reacts to certain situation and what are their intrinsic attributes, it is a short but meaningful Comics always give readers a sense of humor and happiness. It may not be all accurate but it is a leisure entertainment.

I have created another category of Comics Collection for Comics enthusiast.

Comics Collection Category
Comics Collection Category is now sharing all humor, comedy and educational comics collection from time to time.

Lightbox View features
Above photo is the example of the light box feature when clicking on the Comic’s image from the Comic category. Once the page has been fully loaded, Light box feature is available to use in this category. Light box is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page, the purpose of this feature applied on this category is to eliminate the inconveniences of users experience on clicking to view an image and the having to click the back button to return to the Comics listing page.

Finally, thanks for Comics’ authors and all the related parties that translate; compile; distribute and share these great comics for everyone. Entertain yourself with these great Comics.


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