Cisco’s FlipShare TV, innovative video sharing device

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On 1st December 2009, Cisco Systems had announced the company latest product ~ FlipShare TV, which capable to capture 720p video on your HDTV. FlipShare TV offers you the whole Flip video library of photos and videos that would able to play over the HDTV screen. If you do not own a Flip camcorder or have Flip videos on your computer, other Flip owners can share their videos online through the Flip channels that can then be accessed by FlipShare TV at anytime, anywhere.

This new offer contains three parts, which are include a base that station that connects to the TV or HDTV; a remote control and a USB dongle that wireless sends videos from a computer to the base station; a “FlipShare 5.0″ software program that helps to manage your Flip videos and communicates directly with the base station.

Cisco's FlipShare TV, innovative video sharing device
There is no need to have confusing setup. Since the device comes with an analog composite connections and a digital HDMI connection, so you can just simply connect the FlipShare TV base to your TV or HDTV, plug the USB key into your computer and you can start enjoying your flip video library wireless on your Television.

Even though the wireless adapter and base station communicate using the Wi-Fi 802.11n protocol, they do not work with other devices that using the same protocol because the wireless adapter and base station have pre-configured to only communicate with each other through the FlipShare 5.0 software. User that owns a Flip camcorder can also upgrade their FlipShare 5.0 software to the latest version to enable the user enjoy the direct uploading to Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.

FlipShare also launched its new applications for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry operating system. The applications allow users to watch the videos that have been uploaded to their Flip channels or channels shared by other users. FlipShare is now available for purchase at a suggested price of $149.99.

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