Chinese New Year 2009 Decoration @ Ikea

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 | In News & The Events |

Chinese new year is also known as Lunar new year, which is on 26 January, 2009. So, next Monday will be the Chinese new year 2009, during this week most of people will spend more time on shopping, home cleaning, decoration and preparing for this coming Chinese new year. As the Chinese new year is approaching, Festival decorations at most of the shopping complexes become popular, each of the shopping complexes having their own set of Festival decorations.

The Chinese firmly believe that flower is the formation of any fruits, therefore most of the decoration at the shopping complexes have flowers and floral decorations.

Ikea - Chinese New Year 2009 Decoration 1
Last Sunday, I was visited to Ikea shopping complex, there are having the great Chinese new year decoration. The main color for the decoration is red, with lots of lantern hang around the stage.

Ikea - Chinese New Year 2009 Decoration 2
A decorated gooses, flowers, floral beside the stage.

Ikea - Chinese New Year 2009 Decoration 3
People are visiting and photo taking the beautiful scene, and lot of stores that selling things at the entrance of the shopping complex.

Ikea - Chinese New Year 2009 Decoration 4
More stores that selling curtain, cloths, decorating photos, flowers, pillows, bed and so on at the ground floor. A lot of people were enjoy their shopping and buying some stuffs for this coming Chinese new year.

I believe when the time getting near to Chinese new year, more people with spend their time on shop for the new shirt, new shoes, new trousers, so the shopping complexes will getting crowded. Wish everyone has a great shopping days from time to time.


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