Chinese astrology for 2009 – Rat

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 | In Chinese Astrology |

While there are many changes afoot, the Rat will receive help from Noble people. You will enjoy smooth relationships with others with minimal troubles.

Chinese Astrology 2009 for Rat
Career: The year brings a lot of changes for the Rat’s career. You may have the desire to change jobs, but you might be afraid or reluctant to take the first step. You will need to wait for offers from other people in order to get a good outcome or else you might end up in a job that is not suite to you interest and temperament.

Wealth: This is a year of changes in all respects, even wealth. Enterprising Rats who own a business will be flooded with lots of ideas to improve their venture and gain more revenue. Salaried employees will feel the urge to strike out on their own and start their own business this year. Consider it carefully before acting.

Relationship: You will continue to enjoy good luck if you had experienced joyous celebrations last year. Newlyweds might be welcoming an extra member to their family this year. Rats who have just ended a relationship will stand a strong chance of meeting their ideal partner and starting a new relationship.

Health: This year is a harbinger of minor, pesky illnesses such as fevers and colds, so exercise greater care for your physical well-being. Get plenty of rest and recuperation; do not push yourself too hard.


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