Chinese astrology for 2009 – Ox

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | In Chinese Astrology |

In the coming year, the Ox needs to tread carefully. Relationships and health are on unstable ground so proceed with caution in your affairs.

Chinese Astrology 2009 for Ox

Career: The chances of staying on in the same company are very good. There is an opportunity for a change of jobs, but this needs to be done only after careful consideration and deliberation. Be sure you have received a confirmation before you decide to jump the career ship. If you must switch jobs then only do so in the second half of the year.

Wealth: In terms of wealth outlook, you should try to look further and think broader in order to achieve success. It will be best to look to new shores and consider moving the business to other countries in order to succeed. You should also try out new ideas and approaches, especially if the old ones do not yield any benefits. This is not the year to be recycling old approaches.

Relationship: You are looking at a slightly bumpy road ahead where relationships are concerned. It may prove to be difficult to find the ideal romantic partner. Even if the Ox does find a partner, you will not be satisfied with your compatibility with this person and will find it hard to make the next move to take the relationship to the next level.

Health: This year will see you having lots of minor flu and colds, headaches, fevers and coughs. However, there is no risk of major or serious illness. In the other words, take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest and good food.


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