Chinese astrology for 2009 – Monkey

Friday, January 30th, 2009 | In Chinese Astrology |

The outlook is pretty good for 2009. You will continue to go up the ranks in the workspace and will get plenty of genuine help and guidance from mentors.

Chinese Astrology 2009 for Monkey

Career: Some Monkeys might consider changing jobs, but may be hesitant about making the first step. You will find that you may receive offers from others who see your potential but consider these offers carefully and thoroughly. Ask for an appraisal for a promotion as the results are likely to be good.

Wealth: Your old clients will be likely to introduce you to newer clients who can help your business grow. It may have been hard for you to expend your business up till now, so this is a good year to expand. But plan your finances well and set aside some money for a rainy day when you do receive a windfall.

Relationship: Monkeys who are married are likely to welcome children into their lives this year. But a word of caution: you should be alert to any potential situations that involve a third-party romantic interference and steer clear of it in order to protect your marriage. Otherwise, it may cause some irrevocable damage.

Health: Those of you who have blood pressure-related illnesses will have to be vigilant as blood pressure and cholesterol levels may rise in sudden spurts.


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