BlueWatchDog, the valuable’s protection system

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SECU4 is a Swiss company that provides protection solutions for your valuable assets with the advanced wireless technologies involved such like the bluetooth wireless communication protocol.

The BlueWatcDog system is one of the product that developed by SECU4, it is a portable personal alarm system that used to protecting your valuable stuffs and assets such like laptop, bags, luggage that against theft or loss.

BlueWatchDog valuable's protection system 01
This system is about the size of the credit card and operated via mobile phone using the bluetooth connection. Since the size is small, so users can insert in an object their want to protect. To ensure the system is fully operated, users need to download and install the product’s software at their mobile phone.

BlueWatchDog valuable's protection system 02
As this system works by using the bluetooth pairing capability for both devices, which are the BlueWatchDog system and your mobile phone, so once the object (along with the BlueWatchDog system) is removed from one to 30 meters of its owner, the mobile phone will rings or vibrates and display a warning message on the screen. After a few seconds the built-in alarm on the BlueWatchDog will be triggered with the sound around 100 decibels to alert the public. It is the perfect security system for the travelers.

The retail price of this system is about 79 Euros or equivalent to $115 US Dollar.

Information via secu4.


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