Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0

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Bluetooth is the currently the most preferred wireless communication technology for exchanging data over the short distance. On 17th December 2009, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification version 4.0 that features low energy wireless technology. This is the first Bluetooth low energy enabled products that will be available in year 2010.

Currently, Bluetooth 3.0 is not reaching wide adoption due to a number of factors such like more speed requires more battery power and battery technology has not kept up with bandwidth. So, through guidelines, Bluetooth 4.0 will be the ideal technology to work in smaller devices and requires less power, less battery while perform data transferring. The ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption of the data transfer rates are not bottleneck for device usage.

The availability of Bluetooth Specification 4.0
However, the updated of the Bluetooth Specification 4.0 is aimed for consuming less power and lost cost. So it allows for multi-vendor interoperability and an enhanced range. It has a maximum range of over 100 meters.

The specification is also very secure with the full AES-128 encryption method using CCM (CCM is a efficient encryption scheme, which combines a CBC-MAC authentication scheme with the counter mode of encryption) to encrypt and authenticate data packets. Bluetooth low energy uses 32-bit access addresses on every packet for each slave and it supports for billions of devices to be connected.

Bluetooth Specification 4.0 is offering two power saving types of implementation, which are dual-mode and single-mode. Dual-mode will integrate the new low energy functionality into the existing Bluetooth controllers, so the devices can alternate between high-speed and low power modes for multi-role or data intensive uses such like computers and mobile phones. For the single-mode, it is best-suited for more compact devices that use a “lightweight Link Layer” to achieve this ultra-low-power idle mode.

The first set of products to make of the updated Bluetooth standard should arrive in early year of 2010. The executive director is encouraging manufactures to make use of this new standard of Bluetooth technology.


“With today’s announcement the race is on for product designers to be the first to market”.

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