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The creativity and innovative ideas on products design are challenging. Sometimes, an useful product that invented with proper and creative art design will definitely increase its market value as well as attractiveness to the customers.

How well of your imagination and art design that can be applied to certain products or tools that we use daily. For example, electronics devices, office equipments, food and beverages’ tools, house interior beauty accessories and so on.

Let Art. Lebedev Studio showcase their creative industrial products design with art (real and concept of the products).

Georgius cocktail sticks
Georgius cocktail sticks 1

Georgius cocktail sticks 2
Turn the coat of arms of Moscow into a party accessory. It is designed to depict Saint George with a spear that can pierce through anything from fruit to canape.

Superbitus money box
Set the target.
Superbitus money box 1

Really for bomb.
Superbitus money box 2

Time to buy your roller skates and another superbitus.
Superbitus money box 3
Add meaning to breaking a money box. It is designed to look like a solid black bomb with certain aimed object. For example, if you want to buy a bike, you could write it there. Once the money box is full, it is the time for you to break it and use the money to buy your dreamed bike.

Defendius door chain
Defendius door chain
It is helpful when use door chain guard to protect your home against unauthorized entry. The chain is long enough to reach the far end of the maze.

Optimus aux keyboard
Optimus aux keyboard 1

Optimus aux keyboard 2
It has OLED screen embedded in its every key to show what function is currently assigned to it. It is created for those, who wish to have an effective visual tool for enhanced human computer interaction while using regular keyboard for typing.

TaskWatch whiteboard
Model 1 with a complete round dial.
TaskWatch whiteboard 1

Model 2 for office use.
TaskWatch whiteboard 2
It is a well mounted write-on / wipe-off panel with a clock in the middle. Users can use markers to write all kinds of message or draw image beside the relevant hour, which makes it a helpful tool for organizing one’s time or sharing information with co-workers.

Information via artlebedev.


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