Adobe has announced its Photoshop Elements 8.0

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Recently, Adobe has announced their latest version of the Photoshop Elements 8.0. This is the lightweight photo editing software that targets on different users from designer to graphic editors.

This software combines power and simplicity that able to make your photos look extraordinary, share your life stories in unique print creations and web experiences. It is easy to manage, quickly recompose your photos to any size without distortion and it helps to protect all your photos and video clips.

Adobe has announced its Photoshop Elements 8.0 - photo 01
Beside these, Adobe also offering the new online service plus with the storage space for backup and also a regular stream of tutorials, tips, tricks and templates accessible from inside the program itself.

Adobe has announced its Photoshop Elements 8.0 - photo 02
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 is featured with some extra functionality,
1. An improved organizer to make it easier to find photos and videos.
2. It has the Auto-Analyzer that automatically tags the media depending on it quality. 3. It feature face recognition technology that have some similarity like Google’s recently launched Picasa 3.5 People Recognition.
4. In has the new photomerge exposure feature for photos editing. It enables merge of several photos that was taken in poor lighting conditions. Users can take multiple shots of the same object and getting these photos to build a clean photo and remove unwanted elements to make the photo to display perfectly.
5. The ability to recompose image to any size by removing space between your subjects.
6. Common touch ups such like creating bluer skies and whitening teeth with one step shortcuts.
7. Users can take two photos of the same object with the flash on and off, and have the Photoshop Elements 8.0 to automatically combine the two photos to provide both highlight and shadow detail.

This software probably will be available next month with the affordable retail price at $79.99 for both Windows and Mac. Consumers can pre-order from Amazon or Adobe website.

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