A concept of portable interactive display

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When I first came across this concept of portable interactive display system, I was thinking about the application of the Microsoft’s surface table. In fact this is the portable package, convenient for the users to carry anywhere and make their works easier.

Portable interactive display concept 1
This portable device which enables users to transform any bright flat surface into a large interactive touch screen. It provides the advantages and solution to the architects and those who are involved in building design because users can take all their digital building plans to be projected and discussed anywhere such like in an office or working area among the co-workers. This makes the works efficient and professional.

The software that included in the package of this portable interactive display is programmed to take image and CAD drawings and display the objects on its surface. Those content can be manipulated in various ways such like recognizing the natural gestures and allowing annotation (drawing and notes).

Portable interactive display concept 2
This wheels and portable suitcase may contains all the components to create an interactive touch surface on the large and bright table. This portable interactive display system is combined with Hitachi short throw projector that able to provides a 60 degrees projection on any presentation and bright surface. The combination with a vision based tracking system makes the users inputs to be detected easily on the display surface.

This concept was the graduation project from Hiep Truong.
Information via vimeo.


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