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Wearable electronics phones or concept phones can be lead the way in the next generation of mobile technology. People like fashion and stylish products, these are part of the reasons that many manufacturers are focusing on the unique and stylish products from time to time. For example, the device’s flexibility can take a piece of electronics and wrap it around you wrist and it still operates like watch, phone, music player and more.

According to research being carried out by Cambridge University and Nokia, about the 25 Cambridge scientists and 10 researchers from the company go deeper to research and making devices that are wearable.

Below are some of the interesting, stylish and wearable electoral phone or concept phones.

Leaf 01
Leaf 02
Leaf 03
Leaf 04
The leaf is a wearable bracelet phone that designed by the Seungkyun Woo and Junyi Heo. The leaf incorporates solar cells on its front panel for charging while this is alternative way for the phone charging other than use the charger and plug into the power outlet to recharge your phone. It has only the most basic phone features such like calling and messaging. The main objective of this wearable bracelet phone is to “Remind people that they contribute to energy efficiency”. via yankodesign.

Nokia Strap-up Phone
Nokia Strapup Phone
This is the new-fashioned Nokia strap-up bracelet concept phone. It is flexible, wearable with the fashion, stylish of the design and absolutely an innovative gadget. It is far beyond the normal mobile phones because the device decodes your body movements; gesture into pre-defined text and transmits it to your friends automatically. The idea is to allow you to communicate without washing precious time talking or typing.

Nokia strap-up is a unique phone that can be strapped around your wrist like a watch and it is more look like a bracelet. Nokia does not seem to launch this bracelet phone in the near future. via businessweek.

Nicolas Nicolaou’s Chic Wearable Phone
Nicolas Nicolaou's Chic Wearable Phone 01
Nicolas Nicolaou's Chic Wearable Phone 02
This is the speak to me bracelet cell phone oscillates between functioning as a cell phone and a watch. The phone is designed by Nicolas Nicolaou from Acropolis. Users can wear it like a bracelet around their wrist. The phone has a touch screen feature and voice recognition sensors. It also has scroll function to access offered applications and built-in camera is installed.

To accept and reject a call can be done by pressing the color lines at the sides of the screen. This extremely stylish wearable phone still at the conceptual stage. via nicodesign.

Nokia 888 Mobile Phone
Nokia 888 Mobile Phone 01
Nokia 888 Mobile Phone 02
Nokia 888 Mobile Phone 03
Nokia 888 is a concept wearable phone which has been introduced many months ago. It can be worn like a bracelet with its flexible OLED screen. This phone is targeted at young consumers, active ones and comes with a liquid battery, speech recognition, a flexible touch-screen and a touch sensitive body cover.

It is the personal mobile communication device which let you be fun and entertained. You not need to carry it in your pocket or on your wrist, but you can carry it anywhere, in any form such like roll it, bend it, put on your table like a clip.

This Nokia concept phone can changes the shape. It can turn to the mobile phone when you need to make a call or receive a call; turn to the bracelet shape when you want to wear it. Users can also change the form of the body, the color and sending an e-motion to your friends. via nokia888.

Bracelet Phone by Tao Ma
Bracelet Phone
This bracelet phone will vibrate slightly when there is a incoming messages, and it allows you to take it off easily from your wrist and press the keystroke which looks like a diamond to view the message. Users can pick up to make a telephone call is the very easy ways.

This phone make your own personality and look elegant at any places. Although it look ordinary, the bracelet has plenty of functions, you could listen to MP3 when you are bored, make a call or text messaging when needed, as the decoration accessory when attend to any party or gathering.


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