10 unusual and the most expensive taxi ever

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Taxi or cabs are one of the essential part of the city transportation system. They provide the service to driving people to their destination. Different country has different design of the taxi or cabs.

Below are some of the luxury and the most expensive taxi around the world. The ultimate purpose is to create a comfortableness for the passengers, to enjoy the first class city trip from one location to another. Customers will end up with the unforgettable memory on enjoying the drive and the highest price they need to pay for the taxi’s fee.

Taxi 01
To commemorate the old Ford “Crown Victoria”, the card designer try to come out with a different taxi design. This cab assembly was inspired by the bike with the high grip for its four wheels.

Taxi 02
A great Lamborghini Murcielago in taxi version. It has the powerful engine, which its engine displacement up to 6.5 liter, it can perform up to 633 horsepower and drive from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. It is the world powerful taxi.

Taxi 03
This is the luxury Porsche Cayenne taxi. This kind of taxi/ cab can be seen in Moscow.

Taxi 04
A luxury and the most expensive taxi in the city.

Taxi 05
A Ferrari Enzo sports car with a new Arab taxi design. This taxi value is about $850K USD dollars. This kind of taxi can be seen in the Omani, which is the capital of Muscat. According to the Ferrarichat.com, this taxi is photoshopped design.

Taxi 06
This is the most user-friendly taxi. It is specially designed for disabled people. It is a spacious and comfortable taxi with the door that can be removed at any time to clean, equipped with a portable ramp for the wheelchairs. It is the convenient taxi in the city.

Taxi 07
This type of taxi is powered by using natural gas to replace the expensive car petrol. There is a box in the taxi’s back store for the reservation of the natural gas.

Taxi 08
The stylish and cute Cocoa taxi. This is a small three-wheeled taxi you can see everywhere in Havana, Cuba. It has become one of the hallmarks of Cuba.

Taxi 09
A strong electric taxi “L-PT”. This taxi can drive up to 80 miles per hour. Once charged with full power, it can travel with the speed up to 120 miles.

Taxi 10
A sports car style of taxi. Open the door by slide up to the top. When driving on the streets it will be very nifty, give you the unforgettable trip from one place to another.

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  1. Comment 1
    Dyr taxi?! | Taxi relaterat och annat - iqtaxi bloggen Says:

    […] Lite fler dyra och ovanliga taxibilar hittar ni här. […]

  2. Comment 2
    martin Says:

    Na té fotce z Moskvy stojí sice Porsche ale hned za ním ješt? Maybach.

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