10 unique conceptual and real laptops

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Laptop is one of the essential technology for most of the people that living in this technology age. Typically a laptop integrates most of the components of a desktop computer and small enough to carry from place to place.

Most of the laptops are commonly designed in the flip form factor to protect the screen and the keyboard when not in use. Nowadays, modern laptops concepts have great evolution on their interface design, this bring the creativity sense and innovative idea from the creators. Below are some of the unique and conceptual and real laptops that are absolutely creative for both personal or business use.

Orkin’s Rolltop
It is a flexible OLED display laptop for the users on the go. It is featured with its ability to wraps up like a banner. The Rolltop is the concept for a laptop/ tablet PC that has a flexible, multiple OLED display that spreads out in a 17-inch screen and capable to rolls up into a 13-inch portable cylinder, which look like a yoga mat. The stylus, power adapter and USB ports are detachable when plug into the built-in ports. The OLED display not only provides the bright display but also lower the power consumption for last longer battery life.
Orkin's Rolltop

The demo video clip

IBM Thinkpad Reserve Edition
A 17-inch laptop encased in premium leather that both stylish and protective. It is designed for comfortable carrying and it has a unique system for ventilation to carry heat away from the machine, the curves and flanges of the device are uniquely engled to provide protection agaist spills and debris. The basic hardware specifications are included the Intel Core 2 Duo low voltage L7500 processor; Wi-Fi 802.11n; wireless broadband connectivity via Vodafone; 2GB of RAM; A 160GB 5400rpm hard drive and an external USB DVD burner. laptopreviewsonline.
IBM Thinkpad Reserve Edition

ASUS U6V Bamboo
It is bamboo series of notebook is not the conceptual blueprint, it is available in the market. The ASUS bamboo notebook is highly resilient and the crux of the message by ASUS Bamboo series notebook is that “It is easy being green”. This notebook is designed and manufactured in strict adherence to the same rigorous green policies and standards that governed the development of ASUS bamboo series notebook over less green alternatives will help to preserver the Earth in no small measure. asus.
ASUS U6V Bamboo

HP Make-Up
HP concepts laptops are special designed for girl. These laptops are having classy looking of design, stylish of colors and shapes, providing extra productivity for your personality. These HP models would provide a different feminine look for their owners. If you press the big button, the screen will change to a mirror mode, laptop also has on-nail printing device.
HP Make-Up

HP Fitness
The laptop is for weight control purpose. It also has a similar bangle for sport sessions such like running or stepping.
HP Fitness

HP Eco
This model of laptop made for ecology issued persons. It has solar charge cells, bar-code reader for food products and a bangle for blood pressure control, pulse and so on.
HP Eco

HP Chameleon
This concept has a adaptive micro-cell coverage that can be transformed into the surround background. It has 3 built-in cameras for environment analysis.
HP Chameleon

HP Mama
This laptop has 3d-free monitor section design and two bluetooth cameras with amplifier for video-tracking your children. It also has another bangle with a beacon.
HP Mama

HP Perfume
With this model of laptop, you can change your laptop to a lamp or air freshener with ability to download smell samples and mix it with smell matrix of HP Perfume laptop.
HP Perfume

HP Nobag
It is made for little bags and persons who do not like big square laptops. A hard OLED technology with touch sensors and deep blue color of pure glass.
HP Nobag

More info at laptopreviewsonline.


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    maximillian maier/Krueger Says:

    already in march 2006 I had my invention “mirror notebook” registered in Germany, but until to day i have not found a producer. Millions of women worldwide would love to have this notebook that turns into a mirror in a second. I mean a real mirror and not a mirror foil or mirror mode. I had another technical solution registered e few month ago.


  2. Comment 2
    Lester Desfosses Says:

    Very cool, Very nice resource list.

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    Pc tricks Says:

    wow…..awesome laptops , i wish if i could get one they seems to be very costly

  5. Comment 5
    computer tips Says:

    what an interesting list, the laptops are cool

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    Facebook Tricks Says:

    Wow really nice laptops. I love to buy one of them.

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    Bank PO Coaching Says:

    Love this collection of Laptops. I want one of them… Cool post.

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