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Nowadays, people are wish to have more space in their house, office, apartment. So the furnitures are more than just functional, and those furnishes are great spaces saving items at your house, office or apartment.

These days more and more designers are using unusual materials combine with latest new technology to create transforming, collapsible, portable and sustainable furniture in all kind of styles, shapes, sizes and the design that suitable for great space saving at your house, office and apartment.

Crossroad Drawer System
Crossroad Drawer System
One of the drawer storage system that alternative to normal drawers. Drawers can be opened in two direction. Each drawer has just one side-rail, fixed into alternating sides to that the drawers slide out at ninth-degrees to their upper or lower drawer. It is a cleaver and innovative ideal on the design.

Flat Pack Furniture
Flat Pack Furniture
This is the all in one interior design of the furniture. This flat pack strategy has offered: portability, sustainability, and modularity. It is one of the most practical, simple and functional elegance furniture for your house.

Each unit in this flat pack collection is designed to be composed of two standard-sized plywood board folded flat together with a high holding them together. Every flat pack elements of these designs would work as stand-alone furniture objects within a varied interior design. via dornob.

Fractal 23 Dresser
Fractal 23 Dresser
The network of cascaded drawers that have 23 in number, hence the name of 23 dresser. There are different size of drawers from small to medium, from medium to large.

You are freely to put anything into different size of the drawers and you will not confuse and forgot the items you store from which drawer compare to the normal drawer with all similar sizes. This is the whole new perspective on storage. via tmiyakawadesign.

Grenade and The Hand Dresser
Grenade and The Hand Dresser
If you want to have some different drawer decoration at your room, you might think about the huge wooden hand grenade or the outstretched palm.

You can arrange them in the corner of your room. Both are quirky work of Havana-based designers Los Carpentiros. via loscarpinteros.

Hostis Dining Set
Hostis Dining Set 01

Hostis Dining Set 02
It is a dining set of table that can be used for private and public functions. It is specially designed to be used for both dining or workspace table.

The intermediate stage is also a virtual part of the design, where the centerpiece can be dynamically expanded, such like a feature folding table. Users can fold it in three different positions. via designboom.

Laptop Tower
Laptop Tower 01

Laptop Tower 01
This is the standing desk for the use at home, in offices or in public area. The finely crafted piece is finished with a combination of veneer and paint in different styles.

This laptop tower is designed to have a compact standing style, it allows users to work ergonomically while standing or leaning, and it is a functional, space-saving piece of furniture with an illuminated, pull-out laptop shelf, mouse-pad, four lower shelves and sockets for a small printer, projector and recharges.

This laptop tower is a multipurpose furniture, measuring 1187 x 494 x 494 mm. It further facilitates your reading position by an adjustable leather desktop. via dailytonic.

Mobile Shelving Units
Mobile Shelving Units
The design is a space saver for the office use or library book shelves. Users can pull on a shelf or just press a button and it moves to the side to revel more storage space.

It is the modest dwelling for library use in most of the academic, colleges or university.

Modular Kitchen Concept
Modular Kitchen Concept
When you have a tiny kitchen, but you want to have the full-sized and functionality kitchen furniture then you are right to consider the modular kitchen.

It is the clever design that you can fit it into the compact space of the kitchen. A sink, recycling bin, cooking surface, stove, storage and more all fit under the moving tabletop. When closed, you have a nice breakfast bar with the creative designed high-heel chair. via treehugger.

Ornamentum Bamboo Furniture
Ornamentum Bamboo Furniture
It is Divide coffee table with the inner storage area that revealed as the top slides apart. The table is made from bamboo, which can be a rapid renewable, non-timber resource. via ornamentum.

Transformable Office Design Pod
Transformable Office Design Pod
A transforming working table for the home and office use. The design are perfect for a urban apartment, the chair, computer table can be transformed into a whole space saving item.

While it can also be transformed into a fraction of their functional sizes when using it.


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    These furniture are very impressive. These would really help make the best of your house or office space.

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    what is a good brand of office furniture? do you recommend checking out IKEA?

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