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  Sony S-series and E-series walkman PMP models

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

Sony has announced the release of their two latest S-series and E-series Walkman PMP models. The new Sony S-series Walkman video MP3 player, which is featured with its high performance and integrated stereo speaker.

Sony S-series Walkman 1
This is the Walkman video MP3 player with built-in stereo speakers for sharing your music. It has a 2.4 inch of high resolution and large LCD display that supporting 30 fps video playback. The battery is last longer for 17 hours of audio playback via the speakers, 42 hours of music and 6.5 hours of video playback.

This new Sony S-series has 8GB or 16GB of the internal storage. Additionally, it has FM tuner with record facility to enjoy radio broadcasts at anytime. There are four stylish colors, which are black, pink, violet and red.
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  New eSlick e-book reader from Adtec Corp

Monday, August 24th, 2009 | In Electronics Accessories | Tags: ,

An e-book reader is a device that used to display e-books. The main advantages of these devices are portability, readability of their screens in bright sunlight and long battery life. There are a lot of e-book readers available in the market and this time Adtec Corp will release its e-book reader in Japan at the end of September 2009.

eSlick e-book reader 1
The e-book reader that will be released is based on the “eSlick”. The “eSlick” is currently sold Stateside by Foxit Software Co. For those living in Japan, Adtec e-book reader will be exclusively available from Adtec under the Foxit brand.
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  AllSocket power track system and AllPlugs concept

Monday, August 24th, 2009 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

Sometimes, the problem with wall socket is that they are never in the place you want them to be and there are never enough socket for the TV, laptop, lighting, sound system, gaming, chargers and so on.

A great idea, design concept for the AllSocket power track system and AllPlugs will solve the cabling and limited sockets problems easily.

AllSocket power track system and AllPlugs concept 1
The AllSocket system integrates the electrical wiring into your skirting board or a similar wall panel and can be fitted as individual units or around every interior wall in your home. The new AllPlugs simply slot into the AllSocket circuit giving you access to power wherever you need it.
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  A concept of portable interactive display

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

When I first came across this concept of portable interactive display system, I was thinking about the application of the Microsoft’s surface table. In fact this is the portable package, convenient for the users to carry anywhere and make their works easier.

Portable interactive display concept 1
This portable device which enables users to transform any bright flat surface into a large interactive touch screen. It provides the advantages and solution to the architects and those who are involved in building design because users can take all their digital building plans to be projected and discussed anywhere such like in an office or working area among the co-workers. This makes the works efficient and professional.

The software that included in the package of this portable interactive display is programmed to take image and CAD drawings and display the objects on its surface. Those content can be manipulated in various ways such like recognizing the natural gestures and allowing annotation (drawing and notes).
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