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  10 stylish and collectible of MP4 Players

Thursday, July 30th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections, Info & Technology |

MP4 player is an electronic device that can play both audio and video. It is the latest advanced technology of MP3. It allows you to watch your favorite movie, music videos, TV shows, song and it is capable to listen your favorite FM radio station, record voice notes or even read your e-books. Obviously, MP4 players have expanded on many of the popular features of conventional MP3 players.

The MP4 technology supports quality of sound for a variety of multimedia applications, including computer music and gaming audio with huge capacity of storage. SO MP4 is the next step in the evolution of the file format that started with the MP3.

Since the growing popularity of the MP4 players, many electronics firms and suppliers are engaged to developed their own series of stylish MP4 players. Some may combining innovative and stylish design with reliability and affordability. Below are some stylish MP4 players that can be found in the market.

Ultimate Style 8GB Steel MP4 Player Watch
Ultimate Style 8GB Steel MP4 Player Watch 02

Ultimate Style 8GB Steel MP4 Player Watch 02
Ultimate style of MP4 watch with a massive 8GB of internal flash memory with a full color 1.8 inch of screen. It is completely made from steel for the ultimate in stylish and fashion. It has featured with built-in voice recorder, a built-in high quality speaker, a earphone jack and multiple OSD languages to choose from.

Digital Multimedia MP4 Player
Digital Multimedia MP4 Player
It comes with 2GB memory, video game player, 1.3MP digital camera, 2.8 inch TFT LCD screen, SD/MMC card slot, stereo speakers, e-book reader, support MP3 and MP4 files. All you need is just plug-in the cable and earphones to enjoy the game and listen to your favorite song at the same time. via chinavasion.
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  New design ideas for Firefox 4.0

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 | In Info & Technology, News & The Events | Tags:

About a week ago, the initial design and the mockups for Firefox 3.7 has been released. Recently, Mozilla has just been released another mockups for the new design of how Firefox 4.0 conceivably might look. The Firefox 4.0 mockups show some similarity to the nearer-term Firefox 3.7 ideas.

Tabs on bottom mockup for Firefox 4.0
Tabs on bottom mockup for Firefox 4.0

Tabs on top mockup for Firefox 4.0
Tabs on top mockup for Firefox 4.0
This is the second Firefox 4.0 mockup that shows the browser tabs above the address bar. That is the same approach with the Google’s Chrome browser.

Pros for the Tabs on Tops concept.
1. Save vertical space.
2. Efficiency and remove visual complexity.
3. Shorter mouse distance to page controls.

Cons for the Tabs on Tops concept.
1. Breaks consistency and familiarity.
2. With the space removed from the title bar your only get the truncated version in the tab.
3. Longer mouse distance to tabs.
4. Lost space.
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  10 favorite furnitures collection

Sunday, July 26th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections |

Nowadays, people are wish to have more space in their house, office, apartment. So the furnitures are more than just functional, and those furnishes are great spaces saving items at your house, office or apartment.

These days more and more designers are using unusual materials combine with latest new technology to create transforming, collapsible, portable and sustainable furniture in all kind of styles, shapes, sizes and the design that suitable for great space saving at your house, office and apartment.

Crossroad Drawer System
Crossroad Drawer System
One of the drawer storage system that alternative to normal drawers. Drawers can be opened in two direction. Each drawer has just one side-rail, fixed into alternating sides to that the drawers slide out at ninth-degrees to their upper or lower drawer. It is a cleaver and innovative ideal on the design.

Flat Pack Furniture
Flat Pack Furniture
This is the all in one interior design of the furniture. This flat pack strategy has offered: portability, sustainability, and modularity. It is one of the most practical, simple and functional elegance furniture for your house.

Each unit in this flat pack collection is designed to be composed of two standard-sized plywood board folded flat together with a high holding them together. Every flat pack elements of these designs would work as stand-alone furniture objects within a varied interior design. via dornob.
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  16 creative technology devices from Mintpass

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 | In Creative & Collections, Info & Technology |

In this technology age, It is how important we are making connections between individuals and entertain ourselves through the technology devices. Creativity and usability are the ideas for the better world and improvement of our lifestyle.

In Mintpass, they are emphasize on the creativity-oriented business structure that involves the device, contents, services and community. They have lots of creativity and innovative technology devices. From my opinion, those creative devices are absolutely fantastic no matter in terms of their outlook interface, usability, modern. These devices are really have the fresh and innovative ideas on the invention.

Below are 16 selected creative devices from Mintpass.

Ain’t No Rubbish Bin
Ain't No Rubbish Bin 01
Ain't No Rubbish Bin 02
Ain’t no rubbish can quite catch my eyes” is an elegant electronic rubbish bin. Suppose big rubbish is approached, its iris will dilate, with smaller rubbish it will constrict appropriately. Ultrasound sensor detects the size of the rubbish.

When the rubbish bin is full, it will indicate the user with external coloration, the fuller it is the redder it will be. It serves as a warning sign to empty out the rubbish bin. Source.

Divx Player
Divx Player 02
Divx Player 02
Divx player is equals to a cable that connects with TV, thereby exposing the HDD’s interior. After purchasing, all you will see is a connection cable, but this is the moment where a connection cable become a product. On one side of the cable, HDD is placed and on other three sides of the cable are HDMI input, DVI input and the AC plug. Source.

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