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  The beautiful panoramic photography

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections |

To perform a panoramic photographic, there is necessary to have the specialized equipment or software that captures images with elongated fields of view and of course the special technique is required for this beautiful panoramic view of photos. For example cropped to a relatively wide aspect ratio, and the skill that apply these wide length photos to the software, such like flash that allows user navigate using the mouse to the left, right, top, zoom in and zoom out using the mouse wheel or CTRL and Shift keys.

The panoramic photography also know as wide format photography. Sometimes, an image that showing a field of view about 160 degrees by 75 degrees may be termed as panoramic photography photo. Generally, it means that an image with an aspect ratio of 2:1 or larger, the image being at least twice as wide as its height, and some panoramic images have aspect ratios of 4:1 or 10:1 that covering the whole fields of view up to 360 degrees.

In other point of view, the word of “panoramic” is used for the photos that captured using advanced photo system cameras to define any print format with a wide aspect ratio but there is not necessarily photos that encompass a large field of view.

Canberra Dawn, Parker, Australian Capital Territory
Panedia Virtual Tour

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

New York Skyline View
New York Skyline View

Campuhan River at Bali
Campuhan River at Bali, a list of exterior and interior panorama scenes.
Millenium Hotel, a list of multi-dimension panorama scenes.

You can find the step by step Panorama stitching process tutorial at There are covering some pictures taking tips for panorama scene; create the control points; tips on choosing image features; run the optimizer; and run the stitcher.

  The most creative business name cards

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections |

Business cards/ name cards bearing the business/ personal information about a company or individual. A business card typically includes the giver’s name; company affiliation; company logo; contact information and so on. Traditionally many business name cards were just a simple black text on the white stock; whereas today more creative ideas have been applied to the business name cards that represent the individual’s business or personal interest, this not only made the cards givers more professional on their business but also give the deep impression for the cards recipients.

Sometimes, businessmen are spending lots attention to design an attractive business card to enhance their reputation and creativity especially those graphic designs, photography companies.

Below are some creative and innovative visual design of the business name cards.

Actual Size

Adam Murphy Photography

Adworks Media


Amelia Lyon


Black Napkin

Benora Paper Ink

Brenna Quan - floral designer

Buro Rust


Cat Box

CDI Studios

CK Koo

Clarissa Lovato

Creative muscle for hire


Dream Studios LLC



Geyrhalter Desgin

Hair & makeup artist


Identity Kitchen


In Watermelon Sugar

Jason McGrew

Jomark Investments Pty Ltd

Kaypee Soh

Lush - Lawn and Property enhancement 1

Matilda Jane


National Greyhound

Open Thinking

Party Card

Ploc Media


Poul Nielsen - Personal Trainer

Richard E.Smith Photographer

Romen Design

Sensus Design Factory 1

Sensus Design Factory 2


Stedan Pfeil

Simple Song designs

Super Capacity


Wine & American Bar - ZU cafe

These business name card are printed on paper with some special effect like filmed or polished and the words on it can be relief or intaglio. There are really creative combination of the colors, design, pattern, texture and shape to form a great business name cards.

  18 Funny Corporate Logos

Monday, April 27th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections |

This time would be the most serious economic crisis that we faced and the financial crisis is hitting the businesses to have a hard time. Many banks are failing and big organization have been downgraded and cut off most of their expenses.

During these financial crisis and economic recession time, there are some funny corporate logos that I have received from the email, and these logos have been presented all over the Internet. Even though, we can not change the facts of the economic recession but we will never get tired with the creative concept and designs that could bring some fun to our life.




Best buy

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  Japanese Cute Foods

Sunday, April 26th, 2009 | In Foods & Beverages |

In Japan, people are worship everything cute, everything can be made cute as long as no against their country’s law while attracting consumers to buy their products. Some Japanese restaurants has implement the cute ideas to their foods, and made the food as a series of arts.

After a research, there are more Japanese cute foods at e-obento ~ The Japan’s cute food gallery. Below are some creative cute foods that I have received from my personal email few days ago, enjoy viewing the cute foods photos now.

Japan Cute food 1

Japan Cute food 2

Japan Cute food 3

Japan Cute food 4
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Some Simple Flash Games


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