Western Digital hard disk 320GB

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Nowadays, the price of hard disk is getting cheaper. Eventually two days ago, I decided to buy a 320GB storage of hard disk to extend my current available 40GB of disk space at my laptop. The price I bought the 320GB hard disk was RM174 after RM5 discount, and I paid another RM10 for “first year one to one exchange without physical damage” warranty.

1. Brand of Western Digital.
2. Capacity of 320GB HDD 7200RPM 16MB SATA II.
3. Product of Thailand.
4. Date Manufactured at 19 July 2008.
5. Total Price at RM184.00

Western Digital Hard Disk 320GB

At first, I tried to put into the HDD enclosure that supports for both IDE and SATA hard disks. During the first time I turned on the power, the new hard disk drive was not show on my computer, even my laptop had detected this new hard disk was properly installed and ready to use. I tried to search around the Internet to find the solution. At my first thought, I suspected my USB ports are not supported for this fast USB2.0 drive plugged into it, and I spend half day for this problem and kept checking around at “Drive Manager” and found that I have “USB Enhanced Host Controller” that is the universal serial bus control that supports any USB2.0 fast drive plug into the USB ports.

Finally I found the solution for this problem. Because, this is the new hard disk and it was not initialed, not formatted and no partition(s) were created, so my laptop can detect this new hardware but can not display the drive at my computer there.

So, I right click at My Computer -> select manage -> select Storage -> select Disk Management, then I saw the external hard disk drive there, I followed to initial the new hard disk, format it then create partitions (NTFS).

At last, I am able to see the external hard disk drive showing at my computer and I can access to this new hard disk. Actually, this was a minor setting problem, that cause me long time to solve it, I had learned from this problem, there must be a way to solve the technical problems as long as you not give up easily for the problem solving.


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