Web-based translator “ImTranslator 3.1″ is plugged at LimCorp

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 | In Websites & Services |

Smart Link Corporation offers a great service, which is ImTranslator service that allows website developers to download a plug-in and embedded into their own website. This service is absolutely free and represents an ideal of online translate solution for their website visitors and users.

Translation Service At LimCorp 1
I found this service, then i get the plug-in and embedded into my website. The reasons i plugged this service to my website because i always need a translator to translate certain English words that i not understand and not familiar with. Second, i need to translate my Chinese language to English for my articles before post at my blog. third, full of features provided by ImTranslator. Fourth, It is fun, beside translation, users also can instruct system to speak out the text they entered for translation.

Translation Service At LimCorp 2
Click on the speaker icon to instruct system to speak out the text you entered for translation.

ImTranslator 3.1 is a set of web-based multi-languages translation tools, that help foreign users with different languages to understand each others by translating the languages to their understandable language. It makes communication more efficient, easy and convenient, by translating the whole block of texts or paragraphs. There are many available features such like below.

1. Languages – Deliver real-time translation in 43 language combination.
2. Virtual Keyboard – Allows text input in more than 40 languages.
3. Spell-Checker – Checks spelling in 8 languages.
4. Dictionary – Provides words search and translation in 20 language pairs.
5. Decoder – Converts unreadable Russian text to the proper encoding.
6. Transliteration – Displays Russian text with Latin characters.
7. Printing – Prints original or translated text.
8. Email – Sends email in more than 40 languages.
9. Interface Localization – 6 languages.

ImTranslator provides the translation service powered by PROMT translation server (PROMT Ltd.), Altavista with several modules such like translation editor, virtual keyboard, spell-checker, dictionary, decoder, back translation and email client.


6 Comments to “Web-based translator “ImTranslator 3.1″ is plugged at LimCorp”

  1. Comment 1
    Audrey Says:

    this one really good…..hahaha…especially when we urgently need translation….thanks for providing this service…..You done a great job!

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    Audrey, thanks. Because i always need a online translator for my articles, so better plug the free service into my website, can self use also let public use it, or they prefer to download and plug into their website also nice.Haha

  3. Comment 3
    Raven Riley Videos Says:

    Raven Riley Videos…

    Raven Riley Videos…

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    meppzapo Says:



  5. Comment 5
    Philippe Bodart Says:

    It was really good.Downloading the plugins into our web site was really nice.Thank you for sharing the information.

  6. Comment 6
    Ima Translator Says:

    Thanks for the information.

    There is a need to break down the language barriers.

    You may need to have generalized and specialized document translation and interpretation to be done, from any language to any language from a professional translation company.

    Legal Translation Solutions

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