We had lunch at Swensens

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Just before Chinese New Year 2008, all the staffs at my company were having a meal at Swensens restaurant. Our higher management was sponsored us to have a great lunch there, maybe that is the reason we not have “Ang Pau” extra pocket money reward from company for the coming Chinese New Year. Haha

Swensens is a chain restaurants that can be found at anywhere in the Malaysia, and it is special type of restaurant with its distinctive ice cream concept and we could see many types of ice cream favorite there, earthquake ice cream bowl, ice cream buffer and so on. We were not there for ice cream, but we ordered some set lunch that above RM10, because that was sponsored by company, so we were not welcomed to help company save the expense on the meal.

Swensens - Ordered Food 1
So, I was ordered a whole chicken set lunch, that include a cup tea, appetite of mushroom soup, ice cream for dessert.

Swensens - Ordered Food 2
Another photo of the whole chicken, It was a lot and I was the last one on the table to finish this plate of meal. It is delicious and it cost RM12.00++ before government tax and service charge.

Swensens - Ordered Food 3
Here is the dessert after the set lunch.

Below are the food from their menu. Look very delicious. Really temptation.

Swensens - Food 1
This should be the fried mee.

Swensens - Food 2
The earthquake ice cream bowl.

Swensens - Food 3
Cake for dessert or your can order it for you birthday celebration.

Swensens - Food 4
Fried chicken with chip and salad.

If you budget around RM10 for your lunch, that you can choose to go to Swensens. Because they also have government tax and service charge.


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