Tom Yam Chicken

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Nearly two months I have been working at KL. Even thought KL is just a small city, lot of places to go and visit such like entertainment centers, food courts, shopping complexes, cinema, bowling centers and more. There are lot of foreign visitors that visit to KL area too.

There are lot of places I have been visited at KL, but very seldom to purchase anything here, because every items for sold are very expensive compare to other places such like Petaling street, Petaling Jaya. Besides shopping, there are lot of food courts in each of the commercial building, the foods price at KL is around RM5 and above. If you having your lunch at any restaurant here, there will at least 5% government tax and 10% service changes, even the service was not good, but you still need to pay for the service charges.

So most of the time, I will have my lunch with colleagues at mamak stall, which is located behind our office. Working at KL, spending more on foods, is one of the expenses that can not be avoided. Two days ago, I was rushing for project at office until 10pm, so me and colleagues were going for our dinner at mamak stall.

Most of the time, I will order the fast food, but this time I just try for the tom yam chicken plus a plate of rice.

tomyam chicken
This was the tom yam chicken, which cost RM4.00, and the rice was RM1.00. This time the tom yam was good tasted, it was special and plenty of mushroom and chicken. Besides the tom yam chicken, they also have tom yam sea food, tom yam mixed and more.

As the average price for having a dine at KL is about RM5.00, whereas the average price for having a dine at Petaling jaya, SS2 is about RM3.50 ~ RM4.00.


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