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Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last Thursday was my last day at my previously company. After completed my tasks and handover to my colleagues, then I had my farewell dinner at the teapot cafe, around 7pm.

Every time when a staff is leaving the company, management will have a farewell dinner for him/ her at the last day of employment.

The teapot cafe is located at SS2 and very near to my previous office at PJ.

The teapot cafe
This was the cafe we had dinner there last Thursday, I never went to this cafe to have meal even it was opened quite a long time ago.

The teapot cafe inside
When the first time we walked into the cafe, there were lot of the teapot, classic design with many photo that hang around the wall. It gives you the absolute feel of enjoying your tea at the tea cafe there, and this tea cafe is mainly serve for western foods.

fish and chip
This was the Fish and Chip that I ordered, It costs RM18.50. The price at teapot will be a slidely higher than other restaurants, maybe because of the brand name of “The teapot cafe”. The taste of this plate of food was average.

Tiramisu cake
After the meal, we had desert. There were several choice such like cake, apple pie or ice-cream. Then I ordered Tiramisu cake, that costs RM3.50 for a piece. The prices that stated are not include of service charge (10%), government charge (5%) and the cheaper price of the meal is around RM8 above.

The cafe is good to have meal there especially for special occasion such like, birthday party, farewell, celebration and so on and.


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