The Steamboat Ketam Village, Ikea (2)

Saturday, October 11th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

About 10 to 15 minutes, the set foods that we had ordered were come, as well as the drink ~ coca cola. The set of sea food look nice, enough for one person unless ordered for the combo set of the sea food, as shown on the photo below.

The Steamboat food 2
This was the combo set order of the sea foods, consists of noodles, vegetables, fish balls, prawns, tau fu, carrot. When put into the boil chicken soup and cook, the smell was so nice and delicious.

The Steamboat food 3
There were four of us, so we were ordered two set of the sea foods plus one side order, which like chicken meat. Two person share a set of the sea food, and we were so full when finish all the foods in the plates.

The Steamboat food 4
This was the chicken meat it just a few pieces in a plate, so I said the set order is more reasonable in price compared to the addon or the side order foods. So four of us just took one to two pieces of the chicken meat.

The Steamboat food 6
Everyone were boiling the sea foods, so the whole table is full of the fog that smell good. We really enjoyed the foods and drink there and the environment there really best for dine.

Double Combo Set
This was another photo from other camera. The sea food really fresh and delicious when cooked. My friend paid for the bill that time, and it was about RM50+ for the lunch of four persons including the drinks; 5% of government tax and 10% of the service charges.


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