The Luxury Beds (part 2)

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 | In Sources From Mails |

Below just the sample beds photos gather from email.

luxury bed 7
The Roman palace luxury room, absolutely great sense that you are at Roman empire surrounded by the fortress and ancient building.

luxury bed 8
A great century and traditional bed for those who love for ancient decoration.

luxury bed 9
A fashion and unique disco bed room. Feel that you are presented at Disco room, while you are actually stand at your own room. A karaoke set of equipments, wall paper.

luxury bed 10
A great view of the ancient in door swimming pool.

luxury bed 11
A sexy sense of the 3 star class bed room, best suit for the just marry couple.

luxury bed 12
A block of luxury bed room, this kind of design better for the unit apartment that join the living room, kitchen, bed room together without much privacy. Great sleeping bed always bring you the perfect sleeping style to recharge your energy after hard work from your working place.


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