The Luxury Beds

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 | In Sources From Mails |

Difference beds design are for different room design or environment. Different people likes different style of the beds in term of color, style, size and the material in order to have a good sleep and wonderful dream. Below are some of the unique bed along with the unique room decoration, make it the world most impressive show.

luxury bed 1
The green decorated luxury bed, with bamboo, carpet with the outside garden view. Natural and fresh when sleeping.

luxury bed 2
A dark, red decorated bed room. Most like the night club room. Just kidding.

luxury bed 3
A classic and comfortable double beds.

luxury bed 4
A tradisional, but advanced hotel room. An Egypt view of room decoration.

luxury bed 5
Colorful room with the main blue color, seem you are in the blue sea and sleep on the water. Fresh and great bed room.

luxury bed 6
Totally, red in color design. A special decorated room for film or personal preference.

There are more photo about the bedroom design, decoration and the attractive view. Personally, I really like the room with natural sense, fresh with some flowers, bamboo and so on. I am sleeping now ~ imagination.


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